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bby, he goes, "Hey, fuck it... maybe he thinks I'm the wild type Dylan, and you're the goody-two-shoes type, ya know. Most guys see it that way, ya ask me." I grinned and nodded at him, but my stomach felt funny all of a sudden generic levitra as I buy levitra realized I'd just dodged a major bullet. I thought for generic levitra sure that levitra online Robbie buy levitra and me were busted... I'm very relieved we aren't, but vardenafil there are still some questions about this situation. One, why didn't Robbie ever mention he generic levitra online smoked marijuana to me and, two... why try to get Chubby to smoke it with levitra generic him and not me. Could it be that Robbie was trying to online levitra loosen Chubby up with the doobie so he could maybe bring up doing something sexy with levitra 20 mg him? Robbie wouldn't need to get me "high" since we'd already had sex together. As soon as the car stopped at the dead-end street we went directly to the sex. I didn't need any 'pot', and he didn't need to do any nagging either... I was so hot to trot it wasn't funny. Could it be Robbie isn't the innocent boy I think he is? Damn, what's up with that? Putting the puzzling marijuana incident on the back burner for now, levitra 20 my final thought was... nah, it's inconceivable to me that Robbie would be so generic levitra online devious as to get Chubby messed-up generic vardenafil smoking grass for the purpose of having sex with him. There's got to be something else at play here, but it's a waste of time to dwell on buy levitra online it now. So instead, as I lay in bed later that night I thought levitra 20 mg about me sucking and fucking Robbie earlier tonight... much more fun to contemplate that then think about who smokes pot. Sex with Robbie had felt so good at the time that just the memory of it now had me playing with myself. What I fantasized about doing with Robbie next time is sucking him off until he cums in my mouth, and then make him cum again with a long, juicy fuck. His asshole is so tight, tighter than Willie's. Oh, God damnit! there I go again... I think of Willie and there's that damn levitra coupon guilty conscience of mine ganging up on me. Gotta do something to make it up vardenafil to Willie. How am I gonna do that without actually telling him I'm fucking another boy? levitra generic I'm not sure, but till, somehow I gotta do something really nice for him to ease my conscience. Maybe I'll be real submissive, playing that game with him to the hilt. Willie will love that. generic levitra online levitra Now that I'm thinking about vardenafil Willie it levitra 20 makes me wonder what I like more... Willie fucking me, or me fucking him, or me fucking Robbie. Hmmmm? I love when Willie fucks me. He has a way of levitra 20 mg making me feel so desired, so special. The way he wraps me up so tight in his arms and legs I sometimes levitra 20 get a bout of claustrophobia, but still... it's awesome. He's pretty strong, but it's not that so much as it's a feeling like he can't get enough of me. Or, maybe he thinks he's just showing me that he's dominant or something. He never says one way or another, levitra coupon just wraps me up in his arms and legs buy levitra when he feels like generic levitra online it, sometimes after he fucks me, and occasionally while he's fucking me... he's done it in both situations. It's hot either way levitra generic and I like it a lot. Maybe I should try it with Robbie, wrap him vardenafil up so he can't hardly move and then give him a hickey on his neck, or levitra online I'll generic vardenafil do a slow fuck on him... like Willie does to me. But, no... levitra 20mg that probably wouldn't work generic vardenafil because, like Willie, Robbie's stronger than me and could probably break my hold on him. Anyway, Robbie and I should be doing our sex differently then Willie and me... do it our own special way. So back to my question, online levitra what do I like better? I think I like Willie fucking me better when he's doing it, and then when I'm fucking Robbie I like that better. See, I can have levitra coupon it both ways. This is fun, thinking about having sex with my two boyfriends. Tomorrow's Thursday, another workday so I should get to sleep but levitra coupon I'm so "wired" levitra 20 mg from these recent developments I can't fall asleep just like that. Robbie has me climbing the walls... I'm buy levitra so turned-on by him I can hardly believe it. He levitra generic is so fucking hot and he's got a "thing" for me, no less. Smiling, I again let my mind remember the fuck levitra 20 I laid on Robbie in that pickup truck. Every time I ride in that pick-up from now on I'm going to get a hard on. I was bare-back fucking the baseball star Rob Dickers. That generic levitra online did it... with that thought in my head I started jerking off online levitra right in my bed and vardenafil it felt awfully good too. Being uncut was so cool... the foreskin really helped with hand-jobs, took levitra 20 mg it up a notch from the boys with the cut penises... poor fellows. I was stroking myself steadily, levitra online not frantically like I felt like doing it, I wanted generic vardenafil the feeling to last awhile. Awww, it felt good to pull my pud and think of my boyfriends, Willie and Robbie. God! are they fabulous. I was squeezing my balls as I stroked my boner and then I fixed a picture in my head of the way Robbie's face looked when I was fucking buy levitra online him. His cute face was all scrunched up, not from pain though... his pink tongue wetting his lips as he moaned and humped his ass levitra 20mg up into levitra 20mg my thrusts. 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